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Southerland Station Open House, December 1 & 2, 2012

posted Oct 18, 2012, 8:00 AM by TNVLC Admin   [ updated Nov 29, 2012, 11:39 AM ]
It's our 5 year anniversary at Southerland Station, where it all began for the Tennessee Valley LEGO Club! This year promises to be one of our best ever as participation looks to be at an all time high!

We have our classic "L" planned along with a sizable MOC table in front of the window and our typical play brick area. Hopefully, we'll have the room all to ourselves!

Public Hours:
December 1: 9AM-5PM
December 2: 1PM-5PM

We have access to the room the week prior and the week after. They will keep it locked for us. Still, I recommend loading in Thursday Nov 29 and Friday Nov 30 with table joining/final setup occurring Friday between 5 and 8PM. I also recommend having everything removed no later than Monday the 3rd. As far as manning the display goes, we only need to be there during the public hours and should plan on at least 3-4 people at any one time.

For MOCs, I'd like to encourage labels containing the builder's name, club affiliation and a title and/or description of the MOC/display. Please send that info to Pete.

Jennifer is planning to coordinate a "seek and find." Please send her your list for this.

Chris: 2 tables (water scene)
Jennifer: 2 tables (water scene)
Le: 1 table
Pete: 2 tables, playbrick table, banner, posters, power strips, business cards, trains
Scott: 2 tables, standards, chain, controllers (Pete will bring the standards, chain & controllers)
David Bissell: 1 table
Caleb: 1 table
Charles: 3 tables, trains, MOCs (GBC), table skirt, standards, play brick (Pete will bring the table skirt & play brick)
Jared: 2 tables (WWII)

David Sparks: MOCs (GBC?)
Matt: MOCs (GBC)
Trey: MOCs (Trains)
Franklin: MOCs?

Pete's also loaning track to the following:
Caleb: 8 straight + 4 curve
David Bissell: 22 straight + 16 curve
Jared: 3 straight
Le: 3 baseplates + 12 straight