How to Add Content

Before adding content to this section, please make sure it belongs here. The "Ideas" section is for general ideas that could be useful at any display. This is also a place to share your MOCs that may or may not ever be displayed. However, if your content specifically relates to the planning of an upcoming show, that should be added to the event's Event Planning page. While adding and editing content is fairly easy, if you don't feel like fooling with it, just e-mail your idea to the club's e-mail account and I'll be happy to do it for you.

1)    Sign in using your e-mail address that is on file with the club. This would be the e-mail address that is registered with the club e-mail list. The Sign In option is at the bottom of any page on this website.

2)    Navigate to the Ideas page and select the "Add Page" icon.

3)    Give it a simple, but appropriate name. This will be used to generate the URL, so it doesn't need to be too fancy. The title that everyone sees can be edited later to make it more descriptive.

4)    Use the "Web Page" template.

5)    Under "Select a location", make sure "Put page under Ideas" is selected.

6)    Select "CREATE".

7)    Change the title if you wish.

8)    Add your content. You can add text, hyperlinks, images, etc...

9)    To add an image, first ensure it is not too large. Please limit images to 200KB or so. Place the cursor where you want to image to be. Then select "Insert."

10)    Now select "Image."

11)    Choose the image you want to upload from your computer.

12)    When it is finished uploading, select "OK"

13)    Adjust the image as desired. You can adjust the justification, size and word wrap properties.

14)    Click on any text on the page when your image is set the way you want it to be.
15)    When you're done working on your page, click "Save."

The last thing to do is to make a link to your new page:

1)    Go to the Ideas page and open it for editing.

2)    If necessary, create a new category. Then, either copy an existing link or type it as text, select it then select the "Link" button. Please keep everything in alphabetical order.

3)    Expand the "Ideas" tab.

4)    Select your page from the list under "Ideas" and press "OK"

5)    Save the Ideas page.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with the club!